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If you’re in the legal profession these websites will help you further or just provide you with some interesting reading. Although we recommend these sites we are not responsible for their content. This is the place for great sites which aren’t linked from elsewhere on our site. Note: This page accidentally got deleted a while back; if we used to link to you, but no longer do, please contact us.


Delia Venables offers a very useful site with information on free legal resources available online. She provides extensive lists of solicitors and barristers, with links to their web sites, an A to Z of legal resources by area of law, information on free case law and current awareness, jobs, CPD, transcription services, legal software, web services, expert witnesses and much else besides. There are also separate sections for individuals, students and companies. For students, there are sections on careers, resources and courses. Everything a student needs to know (well, almost).


I really appreciate this blog because of my interest in the law, technology and SEO. I actually found this blog after my blog posts on SEO and technology use in law firms. Consequently I feel much less original now! Although there is a lot of content on there (the blog has been going since 2004) so I’ve barely scratched the surface. I’m relatively new to the legal blog world, but this one is definitely my favourite so far.


The official blog of the BPP Legal Awareness Society. The Society comprises entirely of students, and is 100%  independent. Real experiences of BPP law students and a range of blog entries both political and legal in nature.


A site which goes into detail  about legal education prior to university. Good for students considering a career in law who are still in secondary school / college.


A fantastic blog which can teach current law students a great deal. The blog tracks progress through the LPC, work as a paralegal and more recently, work as a trainee solicitor. It has some especially useful advice on planning & note taking which can help anyone involved in law. The blog started in 2008 so I’ve only just scratched the surface of what the blog has to offer!


AllAboutLaw.co.uk is the essential law careers resource for school leavers, students and graduates.

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