European Union Legal Careers – Have you Considered them?

Found these two videos which could be pretty useful. It’s all about a career in the EU. Working for the EU of course sounds very interesting. But many students from the UK aren’t eligible because of the language requirements.

As part of the application process of working for the EU, you need to take a test in your second language. Therefore a strong grasp of one of the (non English) languages of the EU is essential. Depending on the role sometimes yet another language is required.



Some LLBs offer a year abroad with a combined language degree. This sounds like a seriously good idea for those who know they want to work for the EU.

But the problem is knowing you want a career in EU law from a young age and picking the subjects you take at college and university accordingly.

Other nationalities usually start learning another language from a young age. So many are fluent from very early on in life. Unfortunately in our education, unless languages is a real passion, you’re not going to know another language by the end of uni. So by the time you’re doing some proper thinking about your future career it could be too late.

So even if you love EU law, and were really good at it, if language wasn’t a passion of yours in earlier education you could be out of luck. This is really unfortunate. Ideally you’d want to know of your desire to work in EU law before college. But that’s virtually impossible. People don’t even know if they want to go to university at that stage!

Ahh well, if you’re passionate enough about it you can always learn a language in your spare time…

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