Tort Law Books

Tort Law Books

Tort law is all about civil wrongs. It’s about providing relief to those who have been wronged by the actions (or omissions) of others.

Tort, especially personal injury, is quite a fast moving area of law. So try and get a book which is the 2012 edition where possible. It’s not the end of the world if it’s 2011 but you need to know if anything has changed. This should be evident from lectures and seminars.

These books also are beneficial if you’re just interested in, or want to learn more about personal injury & negligence. Here are a selection of some of the best:

Tort Law Revision Guide – Law Express

This Law Express revision guide covers all the essential elements of tort law. However it doesn’t go into as much detail, or provide as much analysis as a textbook.

It provides you with all the information you need to understand the basics of the subject. It’s then your job to build on that knowledge with one of the textbooks below.

The book gives you access to a companion website which contains further resources.

Tort Law Nutshell

The 2011 version of the popular Nutshell range. Like the Law Express range it gives you a brief overview of the key elements of tort. But it doesn’t go into massive detail.

So treat it as a revision aid – not your main source of information. You need to use textbooks, cases, lecture notes, seminar notes, legislation and case law too!

However it’s a great book on which to build your understanding of tort law.


Q&A for Tort – Revision Guide

This book focuses on getting you great results during your exams. It explains how to tackle problem and essay questions found in the tort exam.

Everything is covered from structure, to planning and knowing what to keep in and leave out. There are 50 model answers in total.

It’s a great way to find out what the examiners are really looking for.

Tort Law

A clear explanation of the law along with great in depth analysis make this book a great buy. It’s essential to get a textbook as detailed as this when doing your exams. No matter how good your exam technique is.

This book is also very good at explaining some of the social context behind case law & legislation. Helps students develop a critical analysis of the subject.


Quite a long running series – this is the 7th edition and is a great text for undergraduates who are studying the law of tort.

Has the following chapters – what is tort?, deliberate harm, negligent harm, special duties, property & economic loss, deliberate infliction of economic loss, land use, protection of reputation, liabilities of other and remedies.

Features further reading lists and self test questions at the end of chapters to help independent learning.

Tort Law

Tort law has received some very good reviews. It’s written with students specifically in mind.

It provides a detailed account of the current state of the law while providing a critical analysis. This helps when answering both problem and essay questions.

There is also a section of annotated problem questions at the end of the book. In addition there is an online portion of the book which provides yet more up to date information and exam question answers.

The Legislation book for tort law is the same one which is used for contract law. See the contract law page.

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