My first trip to Lincoln’s Inn

Every Law student is familiar with the Inns of Court. There are four Inns of court, Lincoln’s Inn, Inner Temple, Middle Temple and Gray’s Inn. In order for one to progress their career at the bar, they have to join an Inn, it is what you call an association for Barristers.

You will find these Inns in the capital of London. Personally I had never been to an inns of court before but recently I visited Lincoln’s Inn for the first time, c’est magnifique!

Lincoln’s inn is in Holborn for those who are planning on visiting, most universities get invited, we were allocated 8 places like the other universities that attended this is due to high demands. The building was amazingly beautiful, the grass was the greenest of the greens even on the mistiest greyest day that we travelled. It sounds too good to be true, but just look at those pictures. We was all suited up, dressed fresh and smart, looking the part; as soon as we entered the premises, our eyes wandered around the beauty of inside the building, the carpet was spotlessly clean, god knows how many years they had it but still, cleaner than samples at carpet shops! (the good way)

The reception was wonderful, they offered us a choice of Coffee and tea, I’m not much a fan of coffee but the tea was splendid, in the room there was oil paintings of various people, the one I remembered the most was Margaret Thatcher, I couldn’t help but admire it, the artist painted her in a good light haha.

After everybody introduced their selves and drank tea, we were directed to the great hall where barristers were giving us talks, I’m pretty sure that the theme of the talks was to put potential barristers off, they played this game where everybody was given a random number more than 100 but less than 200 because I can’t remember the exact amount, at the end of the game the people whose number was left standing were apparently going to become practicing barristers, and again I’m pretty confident it was less than 20 people standing. Scary really, but that’s statistics for you. I think by trying to put us off is a good thing because those who are left standing are those who will be the ones who are fully committed to the bar.

After the talks there was another drinks reception but this time they were serving alcohol beverages and orange juice, so those who like wine, you’d love the drink receptions, they served white wine and red, that is as far as I know about alcohol seeing as though I do not drink it lol. Everybody was enjoying their selves really, barristers were conversing with us fellow students.

The next part is the most important part, this is because you need etiquette! The Dinner. There are certain rules which you must abide by, like firstly, NO MOBILE PHONES! I know what you’re thinking, but it is very rude to have mobile phones out during dinner especially in the presence of other barristers, you could probably affect your potential employment, it’s better to be safe than sorry. The dinner that was served was very sophisticated looking, similiar to a 5* restuarant, for my Starter I was given an Avocado Salad with Artichoke,  the main course was white Fish in a cream green leak sauce with parsley potatoes and chantenay carrots. There was two types of cutlery given, honestly I did not know what to do, I asked the barrister who was sitting in front of me, it was quite embarrassing, she told me exactly what that woman “new money”told Leonardo Di Caprio in a scene of the movie titanic, “start from the outside, work your way in”. Although I’d say the fish knife resembled a spatula. So finally dessert arrived and it was a Chocolate tart with mango and strawberry sauce, it was very rich and sickly to my liking but I still enjoyed it. During the whole dinner, the waiters and waitresses, was topping every bodies wine glasses up, no one ever had an empty glass, but back to the subject of etiquette if you don’t want to drink tip your wine glass down, I pretty much tipped all my glasses down and the barrister in front of me thought I was pretty extreme LOL.

Overall the trip was brilliant, I met lovely people! And I would definitely recommend it to those who are faced with the opportunity!



See you soon!