Site Update – Welcome to Liam, Future Writers & A Few Ads

The site has come far in 5 months and I’m pretty happy with the way way it’s developing! It’s evolved from something that I do just in my spare time to something which I spend (nearly) all of my time on. I basically thought “If I could go back in time, what sort of advice would I give myself”. So I started writing articles around that premise. Then I expanded by answering a few of the most basic questions someone could have about a career in law. Next I started messing around with Adobe Illustrator and started making some legal based visualisations. Then before I knew it I had a site with 80 pages. That’s good considering I was worried that I’d lose interest quickly. I’m happy to say the opposite has happened. My enthusiasm and desire to build the site has grown.

Welcome Liam

Just want to say a big thanks to Liam who will be writing for several times a month. Having a blog from a current law student is fantastic (the site is called StudyingLaw after all!) It’s just so useful to see the first hand experiences of a current law student. I’m sure both current and future law students will find his blog very beneficial. Liam sounds like he’s got some interesting posts lined up too, you can read his introduction post here.

Future writers

Having a blog is something that can really look good on a CV. You can tell a lot from a blog entry. Firms can see examples of your writing, your interests and even get a glimpse of your personality. In a way it can be seen as an online extension of your CV. It also demonstrates that you have a decent understanding of technology. Blogging is something firms are doing more and more of these days as a means of getting more business through the internet. So individuals who already know all about it could stand out.

The problem is people soon get discouraged from blogging. They start the blog, write maybe 10 blog posts and then think “Oh, no one’s reading” so quit. Writing a blog which gets loads of visitors takes many months and let’s be honest – people don’t tend to be that patient!

Someone contacted me recently who may be interested in doing something similar to what Liam is doing. This made me think that there may be a need for an established platform that law students can blog on. So I’m strongly considering opening a registration page on studyinglaw where interested students can sign up and submit their blog posts. Liam can post on his blog whenever he wants without any input needed from me. But if I did let anyone sign up then I’d need to approve the articles myself. This would be to limit spam and abuse of the blog. But after a while, when it was obvious the user wasn’t a spammer / Viagra salesman I could upgrade their account to an “Author” account. So they could post whenever they wanted without input from me.

I just think it would be a good idea for law students who want to blog, but don’t want to spend time setting one up and promoting it. It would also be a fantastic opportunity to network with students from other universities. If there are several  people blogging they would be able to comment on each others posts & provide advice and support. In a way it could be a mini community. I’m not losing anything by setting this up. If even one other person writes a blog, and it helps them in some way I’ll consider it a success! So expect this feature soon.


You may have noticed that I’ve added a few adverts to the site. This is just as an experiment at the moment. The site could do with some revenue for the following reasons:

  • I’m going to need to upgrade my hosting package in the near future (especially if the above idea goes ahead!)
  • I would LOVE to get some professional help so an expert can do the things I want to do, but don’t know how. My knowledge of HTML and CSS is quite limited.
  • Maybe have a designer look over the site. The logo that I made myself looks OK, but it can always be better.

I just need money to improve the site really. I’ve just added the two adverts which I don’t think are too intrusive. Not sure how much money they will bring in (if any!) and some seem a little irrelevant at the moment. Ideally I want to be able to pick the advertisers so I know they’re good quality. I do think that relevant ads can actually help. For example, an advert from a university on the GDL section I believe would be useful. So maybe this is something I’ll look at in the future. If the ads don’t seem to make much I’ll remove them obviously.

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