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Time for something a little bit different on the site. So far the articles I’ve written have been very much information based. Yes, there have been a few which have been slightly opinionated but I’ve tried to base everything I’ve said on either personal experience, or extensive research.

The way in which I’ve written has been very instructional and factual. Writing this way I find it’s very hard to be interesting, or add any sort of flair to my articles. I guess this is to be expected when I’m writing about the basics of studying law; it’s quite hard to make the LPC providers or available law jobs overly exciting.

The main reason I wrote those articles was simply for information purposes. I wanted to give people clear, structured, and accurate information. I believe I’ve achieved this. For the foreseeable future (the next few months) I’m still going to be writing that sort of article – I’ll still be fleshing out the site. Maybe after that I can start to create more niche articles which will be more interesting.

But still articles which will be based on fact. An idea I had was to explore the use of computers and technology in the training contract application process – are computer programs used to instantly discount applicants based on their application?

This sort of articles is unfortunately quite far off. Firstly I need to fully get the basics of StudyingLaw.co.uk down. And as I said before; that sort of instructional / pure information based article can get boring. Useful; but slightly boring to write (and maybe read).

For those reasons I’m going to do a bit of blogging. It will just give me so much more freedom. I think ill enjoy writing the blogs a lot more too. I won’t need to plan anywhere near as much. This entry for example; I just started typing. Yes it may seem a little unstructured at times but I find it much easier to write about. Sometimes I found myself struggling to hit 500 words with the main site articles! It also gives me the chance to explore other legal topics which have the potential to be much more interesting.

What will I be blogging on?

Essentially ill be writing about all legal areas which interest me. But these may not necessary be to do with legal education like the rest of the site. Here are a few areas I may blog about in the future:

  • Current legal news stories
  • SEO and the legal world
  • Use of technology & law firms
  • Development of the site / future ambitions
  • Legal frustrations / rants (especially in regards to training contracts!)
I especially like the idea of SEO in the legal world articles. This way I can talk about two of the things I am interested in at once! To give my site at least some form of “continuity” I’m going to stick to this rule of thumb when writing a blog entry:


Could someone who doesn’t enter my site from the “Law Videos & Blog” section still be interested in the blog content?

This gives me a wide spectrum when writing blogs but at least will not make me think that I should have created an entirely new site dedicated to a general legal blog. I will still be adding the occasional video I find useful or interesting off youtube, but I didn’t want the blog section to only consist of videos. That seems a bit spammy to me.

You can hopefully expect my first (real) blog post within the next few days. Then I aim to add to it once every 2 weeks at least.

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