Liam’s Legal (B)log

First off, let me introduce myself. I’m Liam, currently reading law combined with German at Bangor University, Wales. I’m going to be blogging, or at least attempting to blog, every couple of weeks about the goings on of a fourth year combined LLB law student. Where I’m going to find the time to do this is beyond me though!

I suppose I should write a little about myself, career aspirations and such. Well, I’ve been studying law for a few years now and it has just cemented my desire to pursue a career in law. As to what area of the law I’ll practise, I have no idea. You may see a few blog posts this coming year regarding future career choices etc. Studying a combined law degree gives you an extra edge and opens up a whole plethora of options. Having recently returned from studying Law at Johannes Gutenberg Universität in Mainz, Germany, it could be something I put to further use in the not too distant future.

On a more personal level, I enjoy writing, hence starting this blog for, hanging out with friends, socialising and everything else that a 21 year old university student enjoys doing. Can’t possibly forget reading though; I’m a huge reader. Most genres will do but anything from Sci-Fi and Fantasy always tops the list.

 (First day of study in Germany, on the steps of the Alte Mensa)

There will a couple of blogs in quick succession in the coming weeks. Namely, the importance of work experience, why choose a Joint Honors degree and a look at what Erasmus and Law has to offer. You’ll also be treated to posts about Street Law and the Innocence Project, more of which I’ll go into at a later date.

I recently saw a great quote that describes lawyers/attorneys/solicitors and the many other names we go by; “Only lawyers would refer to something as a brief that takes hours/days/weeks to write and is 30 pages long.” This blog will be by no means 30 pages long, you have my word on that. Fortunately for us students, we don’t  have this problem just yet, but I’m sure the day will come when I’ll look back at this and realise the truth of those words.

That’s your lot for now. Hope you enjoy reading! Feel free to comment on anything or follow me on Twitter @LiamEvs91.

Author: Liam Evans

Liam is a Bangor University fourth year Law student. He's a part time blogger & full time student. He writes about his time at university & work experience. Liam wants to be a solicitor.