Legal Secretary Courses

Legal Secretary Courses

There isn’t a need for official qualifications or diplomas when becoming a legal secretary or legal assistant. Of course you need the relevant GCSEs and experience to get the job in the first place but there’s very little formal training required.

However there are plenty of courses out there which can certainly boost your skills and overall legal knowledge.

Why do a course?

There are loads of reasons. Firstly it will help you do your job better; you may have been used to doing something one way for years. And since everyone around you does the same thing you have not seen a good reason to change. It could be there are much more practical and efficient ways to perform your job which you learn on the course.

Gradually increasing your skills could one day result in a better job offer; remember legal secretaries or legal assistants can get paid up to 40k in the largest firms in London. Furthermore, due to the skills and legal knowledge you gain, it could allow you to perhaps change jobs within law. There is the chance that with enough hard work  your role could be expanded into more of a paralegal, fee earner or conveyancer assistant role.

The course will make you a better & more skilled employee which will give you great long term career rewards.

What will you learn on the course?

There are courses for all levels of expertise. There are courses for legal secretaries with virtually no experience and courses for those who have been working as one for years. You may even have come from a non legal secretary background and want to “convert”. On the more basic courses you should learn the following:

  • How to deal with general correspondence like letters
  • Dealing with clients both face to face and over the phone
  • The basics of paperwork and legal documents
  • Proofreading
  • Audio typing
  • Using the internet, email and Microsoft office
  • The basics of the British legal system including sources of law

If you’re working in a firm which deals in personal injury then you’ll probably do some training on the law of Tort. Likewise if you’re in a commercial law firm some business law training would hopefully be provided. These are the sort of course you will be doing if you are an experienced legal secretary – you will be receiving more specialist training on the course so you know much more about a certain legal area.

This will allow you to help your colleagues even more and provide you with some pretty detailed legal knowledge.

It’s possible some of these courses will be able to be done online via distance learning which means you can learn in the comfort of your own home.

When trying to pick a course look for ones which are recognised by a legal institution like the Institute of Legal Executive, Solicitors Regulation Authority or The Law Society. A

course recognised by them will look great on your CV and may even help if you want to become a legal executive.

Course providers

The following institutions offer the course. Being listed here does not mean we endorse the course. This is not an exhaustive list.

  • Institute legal secretaries
  • Pitman Training
  • ILEX
  • Holborn Training
  • Souters Training