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Need some textbooks for A level, university or in legal practice? On this part of the site we’ll take a look at some of the best law textbooks to help you with your studies no matter which stage you’re at.

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We look at all sorts of law books for sale – textbooks, legislation books and the nutshell books – which (contrary to what your lecturers probably say!) we believe can form quite a useful part of your learning process. Sometimes you need things explained in the most simple way possible before you can start to build and expand your knowledge.

The bookseller is nearly always Amazon because they have some of the best prices, customer service and their delivery is usually free.

But it also may be a good idea to look into buying second hand textbooks. If you’re at university keep an eye on notice boards for people wanting to sell their old textbooks. You can get massive discounts. Because let’s face it – all those law books build up to be quite expensive.

You of course always have the law library, but they don’t keep a copy for every single law student and sometimes a certain book will be unavailable. I personally found this to be the case! So I ended up needed to buy a few textbooks come exam time. Sometimes buying all your books in one go online can actually save time & money.

However remember some law books may be useless if they are too old. They can go out of date so quickly if a new piece of legislation / case law is released. Buying second hand you run the risk of learning outdated law. Consult your reading list – some areas of law go out of date faster than others. A 2012-2013 edition could be essential sometimes.

Please note: If you decide to buy a textbook through one of the links on this part of the site we will receive a commission / referral fee.  This doesn’t cost you anything. This is done by the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, which we participate in.

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