The Law Conversion Course Cost & Expenses

The Law Conversion Course Cost & Expenses

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How much does a law conversion course cost? Well it depends on where you take the course and whether you do it part time or full time, but on this page we aim to give you a general idea of how much you can expect to pay.

Essentially it’s like adding another year onto your academic fees, and can cost anywhere between £7,000 and £11,000. It’s towards the higher end of the scale if you’re an international student.

For information on how exactly to fund the course check out our article on funding the GDL.

GDL costs & course fees

College of Law

The fees do seem to vary a lot depending on where you take your GDL course. For example in London the GDL fees are as much as £9,310. In other major cities like Birmingham, Manchester and Bristol it costs £7,370. The cheapest location seems to be York and Chester at £6,930.

However you can do the GDL as evening classes, day classes and weekend classes at the College of Law. Doing the classes in the evening works out more expensive, and doing them during the day over 2 years costs the same in total as the 1 year course. Remember you also need to factor in other expenses too like living costs and travel arrangements which we talk about on our funding page.

BPP Law School

BPP Law School are slightly more expensive than the CoL, but not by much. For the London school it costs £9,400 and in Birmingham, Bristol and Cambridge it costs £7,620.  Dublin, Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester are all slightly cheaper at £7,510. Doing the course over two years at BPP costs exactly the same – you literally don’t pay extra. BPP also offer the GDL through a distance learning course. This is great for international students and costs £9,400.

Kaplan Law School

Kaplan Law School also provides the GDL course in London, London Bridge for £8,850 (2012/2013 fees). The fees include all of the textbooks and course manuals required. A graduate LLB will be gained if the LPC or BPTC is taken at Nottingham Law School.  Scholarships are also available.

Whether you go to BPP, the College of Law or Kaplan is completely up to you. They are all great institutions. You should simply choose the College which is closest or most convenient (or which one your firm wants you to go to). If all colleges are close to you why not visit them at an open day and see which you prefer.


Each university will set the price of their law conversion course. Some universities may offer a discount if all the fees are paid straight away. This is speaking from a personal experience with the University of Birmingham from which I received a 5% discount. Here is a list of the course fees for several universities. Some institutions may offer a reduction on LPC fees if you do both the GDL and LPC with them. This is not an exhaustive list and will be added to over time:

City University London

  • Full-time EU: £9,250
  • Full-time Non EU: £10,000

University of Birmingham

  • Home/EU: £6,450
  • Overseas: £12,750

University of Northumbria

  • Full-time GDL: £6,500
  • Distance Learning GDL: £3,250 per year
  • GDL and LPC package: £13,050

Manchester Metropolitan University

  • Home/EU students – £5,400
  • International students – £11,000

Liverpool John Moores

  • UK & EU – £5,455
  • International – £9,700

Nottingham Trent

  • All students – £6,750 (includes text books)

Birmingham City

  • UK & EU – £4,995
  • International – £9,600

Bradford University

  • £5,800 UK/EU
  • £11,000 Overseas

It’s fine if you want to do the GDL at the university at which you did your undergraduate course. Be a bit cheeky and ask if there is a discount available for current students! If you’re going to do the course somewhere else have a look at our top law schools guide to see which has the best reputation. However there are still excellent conversion course providers who aren’t ranked highly in the league tables. This is why going to an open day is so important.

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