Land Law Books

Land Law Books

Land law (sometimes referred to as property law) is a tricky subject for some. I know it was for me. For this subject more than any other it’s essential to get the right textbooks. You need all the help you can get when comprehending some of the more complex concepts in land law.

Property law B (or Equity and Trusts) textbooks will be looked at in another section. Here are the textbooks we think are best for studying law law in practice, or university:

Land Law – Nutshell

Covers all the main areas of land law. As you would expect, it doesn’t cover everything in enough detail for you to be able to pass your exams with it alone.

However it does teach you the foundations of land law which you can then build on with textbooks, case law and legislation.

It’s a great aid during your revision and seminar preperation.

Land Law – Law Express

A book similar to the Nutshell range. This one is even more recent than the one listed above. Things change so fast in land law so that’s a massive bonus.

Looks at the key cases, statutes, and legal terms you need to properly understand the module. It also gives you advice on answering exam questions.

Also gives you access to the subject specific website which has even more resources on it.

Land Law Concentrate – Revision & Study Guide

Yes another study guide as opposed to a full text book! But this one has received excellent reviews and ratings. It also is perhaps a little more detailed than the previous two books.

The book focuses on passing exams by explaining the key details in a clear way and then providing questions for you to answer.

You can check the answers online along with see updates in legislation and use flashcards for remembering cases.


Textbook on Land Law

A clear and detailed land law textbook which provides everything needed to get good marks in examinations.

Provides a good account of how land law functions in practice and clarifies the many points of confusion associated with the subject.

The book is on its 14th edition – it’s been helping students and professionals for over 25 years.

Modern Land Law

This textbook is very clear. It not only explains the legal elements very well, but also puts it in context. This is essential for understanding the module as a whole.

Covers registered & unregistered land, co ownership, successive interests, leases, easements, covenants, licences, mortgages and adverse possession.

The book also makes good use of diagrams and tables to explain the more complicated elements.

Property Law Statutes 2012-2013 (Blackstone)

Since you’re allowed to bring statute books into the exam at some universities, it really makes sense to buy an up to date one. Land law is especially heavy on statues too.

It will also really help your revision and be invaluable as a study & revision guide.

This book by Blackstone is reliable and very easy to use. It even comes with online guidance on how exactly to use it.

A word of warning – land law is an area which changes frequently. Try and get the most update books. Especially when it comes to the statute book!

A lot of these books have online resources attached to them. And it’s a good thing too. They should tell you if new case law or legislation has had an impact on one of the chapters. You lecturers should also be keeping you up to date on the latest changes. But don’t worry, you won’t be expected to know law that has changed during your course!

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