A Little Hello…


I really only found the importance of blogging through the use of social media so it was quite a nice coincidence to have come across Studying Law.

My name is Greg and I’m starting the second year of my LL.B at Swansea University. But this is only the bare minimum of what I plan to do this year. As well as surviving hours of study in the library, I also write for another blog and a column in my University Newspaper.

I am also the President of Swansea University Bar Society and The Regional Rep for Wales for National Student Pride.

So from my very brief introduction, I am an extremely busy boy, but devil makes work for idle hands and idle minds…So I make sure to keep mine very busy.

The Future  

What would I like to do when I’m a barrister….Pretty much Everything.
I would love to be part of something that brought Equality Legislation to the Middle East, Africa or South America; any place that needed it to protect the LGBT population from persecution and execution.

I would love to research the law surrounding “Trolling” and help pass legislation that gave the right people the right powers to make convictions.

I would love to defend a case in front of the Supreme Court or the European Court of Justice and secretly I would love to be Prime Minister but I’m not Eton Boy, so that’s one pipe dream well and truly on the back burner.

But before I do any of this, let’s get a pupillage first!

Yes, I am an aspiring barrister, The Bar calls me far greater than that of a Training Contract and to be honest who doesn’t love those wigs! I have no idea why I have had this aspiration but its my aspiration and my dream so I wouldn’t know how to answer…”Why do you want to do Law”
I Hate that Question!

This Blog is gonna be a number of things, its gonna be my trials and tribulations during my second year, my successes and failures, some hints and tips I would like to share with other law students, my plans with the Bar Society and really anything else I find interesting when it comes to the law, learning the law and surviving the law.

One plan in motion for this blog is an interview with a Queer Theorist. he was amongst the Top 50 LGBT Twitter users of 2011 according to Pink news. (Number 26) and is a Reader in Law and Society at Sunderland University and I very much look forward to interviewing him!

Here is a link to his own personal blog if you fancied checking it out http://lawandsexuality.blogspot.co.uk/

Here is a quick photo to put a face to the blog.

Gregory W Smith >>>>> Not the most professional of Photos but It’s a face!
Fortunately, I have some photographer friends so may need to organise a professional photoshoot!

I will be uploading more photos as the year continues, photos from any society event and really anything exciting worth photographing!

I did see Lady Gaga on Sunday, but that isn’t technically Law Related.


I hope you enjoy my blog this year, I really want to make it as accessible and as readable as possible.

Please post any comments!

Gregory W Smith


Author: gregorysmith

Greg is an aspiring barrister in the 2nd year of his LL.B at Swansea University. He is also President of Swansea University Bar Society and writes for the university newspaper.