EU Law Books

EU Law Books

EU law, as you may know, uses a different system of law to the one we’re used to. For this reason it may take a while to get to grips with the basics of the system. Therefore a good textbook is an essential part of your learning process.

Here are all the books we think can help you while studying the law of the European Union, covering all of the essential elements needed for studying it at degree level.

Law Express: EU Law

This revision guide is and easy way to understand the basics of EU law. It focuses on understanding essential concepts and remembering and applying legislation.

Also contains exam advice, a glossary of terms and online resources. The online resources contain study plans and further questions.

Released in 2012.

Q & A Revision Guide: EU Law 2011 and 2012

Where the above book focuses on understanding, this book gets to grips with the sort of answers which will be expected in exams and essays.

The book contains clear model answers (along with commentaries) on all of the questions and topics you’re likely to encounter during an exam.

An online resource centre accompanies the book.


EU Law Concentrate: Law Revision and Study Guide

This book has received some excellent ratings on Amazon.

It’s similar to the Law Express book but slightly more detailed. Each chapter explain the subject areas in detail and then gives you questions at the end. The questions are explained at the back of the book.

There are also online resources which accompany the book – flash cards, multiple choice questions and exam tecnique tips.

EU Law: Text, Cases, and Materials

This is the fifth edition of the popular Craig &de Búrca EU Law textbook. It provides clear, accurate, and insightful analysis European Law in the post Lisbon era. Building on its reputation as the definitive EU Text, Cases, and materials book, it look in detail at the way in which the Treaty of Lisbon has radically changed both the institutional and substantive law of the EU.

Online resource centre included.

EU Law Directions

EU Directions explains in detail the essential elements of EU law. Although the textbook explains the law in clearly, academic quality isn’t compromised.

There are cross references and end of chapter summaries which explain how exactly topics link together this gives the student a holistic and comprehensive understanding of EU Law.

Features include case summaries, diagrams and key definitions.

Blackstone’s EU Treaties & Legislation 2012-2013

Compared to some of the English legislation, I found the treaties quite easy to read and understand. They can help you quite a lot during exams (depending on institution you can bring them into your exams).

This book contains all of the relevant legislation. It’s really easy to find everything that you need with its practical layout.

Recommended by lecturers and relied on by students.

I found EU law one of the areas where it was nearly essential to have a companion guide. There are just so many areas where a slight misunderstanding of the law can spell disaster during an exam or essay. It’s a challenging area so you really do need to use all of the tools at your disposal. Textbooks are a massive part of this.

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