Access to law: a bit about Emily


Think you can’t have a career in law because of your background? 
First in your family to go to uni? Low income? Female? Ethnic minority? Disabled? LGBT? Non-law degree?

Hi, I’m Emily!emily


I always thought law was reserved for those with friends in high places. If you didn’t have family, friends or connections in law, the door to a legal career was firmly closed (excuse the legal pun). Now I know this simply isn’t true, and I want to prove it to you.

         Look to your future, not your past. 
      We can be the future of the legal sector.

There are a number of under-represented groups in the UK Legal profession. Like you, I thought a career in law was closed to me because of my background. I’m from the first generation in my family to go to uni, and am determined to give my family a better life. I hope I can show you we were mistaken: ANYONE sufficiently committed (with a bit of luck and a lot of hard work) can be successful.

Join me as I embark on my journey from first-generation-student to solicitor.

I’m hoping to come across a diverse range of people as I work towards qualifying as a solicitor. I want to talk to as many people as possibleabout their legal experience, and share what I find with those who doubt themselves. I will post anything useful here and on the blog section at I hope it will help those who were in the position I was in before I got to Cambridge see that law is open to them too. 

Author: Emily

Passionate about diversity in law! Also likes: chihuahuas, philosophy, documentaries and charity shopping