Contract Law Books

Contract Law Books

Contract law may be one of the first modules you study at university due to its fundamental impact on other legal areas. Because of this, and the fact that you may not have studied much (or any) law yet, a good textbooks is required to get off to a good start. Consider buying a main text book and a shorter companion book (which simply explains the key legal issues).

We recommend the following textbooks:

Contract Law – Law Express

This is a revision guide rather than a textbook. It simply explains all of the key module details as clearly as possible without the detail & analysis expected in a textbook.

This is the most recent edition and features advice and information on how to get the most marks from your examinations.

Website access is also included with the purchase of this book. The website features exam questions, a study plan and interactive flashcards.

Questions & Answers : Contract – Law Express

This book, also part of the law express range, focuses on writing great answers for exams. It’s no good knowing the law if you can’t demonstrate it during the exam.

Shows you detailed answer plans for both problem and essay style questions while explaining how exactly you get those 70%+ answers. Tells you what examiners are looking for.

Also includes an online companion resource.

Contract Law – Nutshells

The latest Nutshells contract law book. Previous editions have received excellent reviews.

The Nutshells series is similar to the Law Express series mentioned above and provides you with everything you need to know to understand the basics of contract law.

Exam preperation isn’t its only use – it’s also great for pre seminar reading. It really helps you get the foundations of contract law clear in your mind so you can then begin to expand your knowledge.

Textbook on Contract Law

This textbook was released in 2012. Previous Editions have been very well received – this book has been helping law students for years.

Focuses on providing a deep understanding of contract law which will allow you to provide excellent problem and essay question answers.

Comes with online resources providing recent updates to the law and guidance on answering questions.

Contract Law : Text, Cases and Materials

A text book which is relatively easy to read yet provides a detailed analysis of law, cases and legislation needed for successful study of contract at university.

Has the following core sections – contract formation, contract terms, setting contracts aside, remedies for breach and third party rights.

A good combination of a texbook and casebook.

Contract, Tort and Restitution 2012-2013 (Blackstone)

You’re allowed to bring statute books into examinations (at some universities), so an up to date statute book is essential. The good thing about this book is that it covers both contract and tort.

It also has use as a convenient companion for use in lectures and seminars.

This book from Blackstone is the only real option when it comes to statutes – reliable and well set out. It’s very easy to quickly find the legislation you need.

The law of contract is well established. This means it isn’t changing as much as the other legal topics. So if you get a textbook which is a little out of date it shouldn’t be a problem. Most of the established contract principles are very old. So consider saving money and buying a second hand book.

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