What you wont be prepared for studying law.

Hello, my freaky darlings.

this is my first post here, just wanted to say hello and that ūüôā

Im currently in my second year of LLB law at university, its been awesome at times and absolutely soul destroying at others.

there are so many things i¬†wasn’t¬†prepared for, but id have loved to have been told about, and after asking a lot of people, some seem pretty common ūüôā

so, for anyone in first year, or whos looking at law school, here are  the things i wish someone had sat me down about :

you may as well get your post forwarded to the library :  indeed, that place will be your home, canteen, bed, and torture chamber, all wrapped into one, book filled place. particularly around assignment time, its better than any social networking site known to mankind for bringing your entire course to one place. piece of advice : get the books you want quick, they go fast. also, the coffee in the vending machines, that black sludge with a caffeine content that would tarmac drives with ? it will be your new best friend by October. come Christmas, you wont even notice the taste.

you will make some awesome friends :¬†i personally have met some incredible people on this course, and¬†there’s¬†no quicker bonding experience than hammering out an essay in the early hours and trying to make lord of the rings puns about the direct effect of EU directives. admittedly, if¬†you’re¬†like me and your family¬†haven’t¬†been solicitors and barristers since the dawn of time, you will feel a slight intimidation of those people.¬†you’ll¬†recognize¬†them fast enough. advice :¬†don’t¬†get intimidated. just because mummy and daddy are¬†successful¬†doesn’t¬†mean they know more than you.

your friends new¬†favorite¬†question will be ” is it legal …?”¬†leading to hilarious, and often worrying, consequences that will cause you to wonder about what kind of people you associate with. my personal favorite is still ” if i kill someone using a metal bar, and then have to get home. will i be allowed to get on the bus with the bar?”. A quick answer, if you¬†don’t¬†know “if you have to ask, probably¬†don’t¬†try it”

you will never quite get the facts of certain cases out of your head :¬†there are some cases that will burn and burrow their way into the deepest recesses of your soul, if not because they’re particularly vile, but¬†you’ve¬†studied it for so long now you can¬†quote¬†verbatim¬†the judges decision. R v Brown, and R v Slingsby are my personal ones (which, considering the¬†facts, says things about me im not willing to address), which leads to not being to look at an¬†individual¬†desk without wincing. awkward at exam times.

buy a good, strong bag. them law books are heavy! ive had three strap bags break under the weight of the law (i think im funny). also, your shoulders will hate you.

so thats it basically. im aware this seemed overwhelmingly negative, its not.  law school is interesting, even if its hard work. enjoy.