The Interview

With deadlines drawing ever nearer, potential lawyers will be anxiously waiting to hear about interviews. With this in mind, here are some tips to make sure your interview is the best it can be.

Know the firm inside out

Graduate recruiters aren’t just looking for potential lawyers, but candidates who want to work at their specific firm. If you want to get that vacation scheme or training contract, make sure you thoroughly research the firm. Find out about their strongest practice areas or their latest achievements. Show that you understand their core values, and think about ways in which you share them.

Read through your application

Be prepared to be thoroughly questioned on all aspects of your application. If you’ve made claims about yourself, make sure you can back them up with evidence. For example, if you said you are a great team-worker, you’ll need to be able to demonstrate moments when you have worked successfully in a team.

Don’t stop growing

Just because you have finished your applications doesn’t mean you should stop improving. Doing more things which benefit your application will help you succeed at interview stage. Think about where your CV is lacking and improve it before interview. That way, if you are questioned about weaknesses in certain areas, you’ll be able to show that you have acknowledged and addressed these concerns.

Do a mock interview

An interview can be a scary situation, so try to practice beforehand. Ask a careers advisor for their help, or read through some mock questions online. Focus on questions which you find hardest to answer, and work on them until you feel confident. Questions like ‘what is your biggest weakness?’ are designed to test you, so make sure you can answer them.

Draw on past experience

Just because you haven’t had a law interview before doesn’t mean you can’t draw upon past experience. Maybe you’ve been interviewed for an LPC course or the LLB. Or you might have had interviews for a variety of other graduate jobs – all of this is useful experience which you can draw upon.

Why are you doing this?

Think about why you want to be a lawyer. What is it that motivates you? Why did you apply in the first place? If you’re passionate about the job, this will come across in your interview.

Stay calm

As a lawyer, you’ll have to make pressured decisions. Show that you have the ability to manage the stress by staying calm during the interview. Don’t be afraid to take a moments to think about the question rather than rushing out an answer or waffling. You have the ability to answer the question, so make sure you do!