Information on Access to Law Courses

Information on Access to Law Courses

Access to law courses (sometimes called legal foundation courses) are a part of the Access to Higher Education Diploma (HE). Law is just one of the many courses you can study on the HE courses.

We know that academics are very important in law, but how are HE courses seen by employers and universities? How much will they help your university applications or career prospects?

Who are the access courses for?

Access courses are essentially for people who don’t have A levels but still want to go to university to study law at degree level. Without the HE courses this would be impossible because of the requirement to have A levels (or equivalents) to get into university.

The course should be seen as equal to an A level. For this reason it’s a great choice for people who need a minimum set of qualifications in order to apply for a job. Many paralegal or legal assistant roles requires A levels as a minimum requirement, and once you have done the foundation course, you can always go on to do further training.

It really opens up your options. Once you have completed the law course you can then apply to a university to study the LLB if you wish.

Studying methods

The courses can be done part time. On average you will only need to devote 16 hours per week to them. So they can easily fit around part time work or child care. Also some institutions may offer distance learning access to law courses. This is even better for parents, and should cut down on travel costs. You will of course still need some classroom time, and will still need to complete assessments, but much of the learning can be done online.

Are there minimum qualifications to study HE courses?

The great thing about the higher education foundation courses are that there are no minimum qualifications required. All you need is the time to complete them. The whole course is just aimed at building up your skills, confidence and knowledge to prepare you for university, or other form of learning. It lays the foundations for you to start learning again, which is especially important if you’ve been out of education for a while.

Who provides the law courses?

The courses are available from colleges. Although most colleges should offer HE courses, finding one that offers law may be harder. If you live near a big city like London, Mancheser, Birmingham or Liverpool then you should have no trouble finding one. Otherwise you may have to travel a little further.

To apply for the courses you first need to find a suitable provider, then you can apply via their internal methods. You probably will be invited to the college do discuss your application. You may be able to get help with the HE access to law costs depending on your financial situation. Consult your course provider for more information or go to

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