A Level Law Books

A Level Law Books

Most of the time at A level and AS level buying your own textbooks isn’t required in the same way it is at university. However buying the right one can really help further your understanding and can help you write even better answers when it comes to exam time. Buying a reputable text book will also help prepare you for university.

Here are all the books we believe can help you at A level & AS level covering the basics of contract law, tort, the English legal system and criminal law.


This is an easy to understand study and revision guide for AS law. It focuses on exam technique and passing exams by providing exam advice and tips. It has summaries of subject areas along with exam question examples and feedback.

You can see where marks are being lost, and where mistakes are being made.

It’s written by senior examiners.

AQA Law For A2

A book for second year college students.

Again written by senior examiners this book covers all AQA topics in a clear and easy to understand way.

There are illustrations and diagrams to illustrate some of the more complex points and tips for examinations.

Very detailed – over 400 pages.


AS/A Level Essential Law Dictionary

A dictionary with all the essential definitions an A/AS level law student will need.

All the terms are relevant to what you’re going to learn – so you’re not going to learn terms you don’t need.

Some more definitions are even defined via diagrams. For students new to law this is perfect – there are initially hundreds of definitions to remember. This book is a great companion.


This book has received very positive reviews ans is the “only … resource to have been developed with, and exclusively endorsed by, AQA”.

It was first released in 2008 so be wary that some detail may be outdated.

However the foundations of law and key cases should remain the same so this book is still very useful. This book, if thoroughly read, will over prepare you for the exam.

AQA Law A2

Where as the above book was for first year college students, this book is for students who decide to carry on with law in their second year.

Again it’s a very high quality resource with numerous satisfied readers. This edition was released in 2009. So there may be one or two areas which are out of date.

You should understand which bits are out of date from your lessons. If in doubt, ask your tutor.

AQA AS Law Student Unit 1

This book is also available through Kindle.

The most recent guide on this page released in 2012. There is examiners advice, exam questions and clear summaries of topics.

Unit 1 contains law making and the legal system.

Written by an A level law tutor of 15 years.

AQA AS Law Student Unit 2

This book is also available through Kindle.

It’s the second part of the AS law course – unit 2.

This means it will contain the concept of liability. So includes various criminal liabilities, contract liabilities and liability in the law of tort.

Also has a Q&A section.

Essentially there are two sorts of book you can buy – A level study guides which closely follow the syllabus and general overviews of a legal area. Both are useful but a word of warning  – don’t write about legal elements you’ve not covered! This is especially true when using the general legal guides. Stick to what you’ve studied in class. Use the books to primarily perfect your current understanding of the syllabus.

You can learn about legal elements in more detail but don’t use them in the exam. Perhaps it’s a good idea to learn the extras after your exams before you’re about to start university. Law at college and law at university are very different. But preparing yourself for university with the foundations of legal knowledge will give you a good start. Just make sure the book is a recent edition – you don’t want to be learning outdated law!

It’s a good idea to consult your teacher and see if there are any books they recommend.

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