A Career in Law – Your Options

A Career in Law – Your Options

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Qualifying as a solicitor or barrister brings many individuals a massive sense of achievement. It can be potentially very rewarding.  However it’s not the only career choice if you want to work in the legal sector.

There are loads of different jobs in the legal profession for individuals of varying academic backgrounds.

One thing’s for sure though – getting a job in law isn’t easy. It’s not just about getting good grades; you need lots of relevant work experience and need to have the right personality that firms look for in their employees.

On this portion of the site we will look at all the different legal careers and how to best go about getting a job in that role. See the bottom of the page for all of our articles including our “How to” range which cover several legal careers. Make sure you want a career in law!

Choosing a career in law

All the potential legal based careers will be explained in detail, just look at the bottom of the page for the job you’re interested in and a load more information on law careers. These are just a few of the potential careers in the legal profession:

  • Solicitor
  • Barrister
  • Legal Executive
  • Legal Admin
  • Judge
  • Magistrate
  • Paralegal

Within these careers there are yet more specialist jobs, such as costs lawyers, human rights barristers and conveyancing assistants. As you gain more experience you may get the chance to undertake extra training to branch out into these specialist areas.

A career in law enforcement

The other side of the legal profession is law enforcement. This is the side of the legal profession which deals with criminal law and offers a different kind of career compared to civil law. Sometimes it’s too easy to think of “The legal profession” simply as lawyers or barristers. This is simply not the case.Working in law enforcement could involve being employed by:

  • The Police
  • Your local Council
  • Private bailiffs
  • The Crown Prosecution Service

If you’re interested in or work in law enforcement, studying law can really give you a holistic view of the British legal system. This is great for furthering your career in the future. Think long term!

Which legal career is right for me?

This is a hard question. There are two parts to it really: Which legal sector do you want to work in? And which legal role do you want? It all depends what your main interests are and what you want to do with your life.

If you want to make lots of money and manage multi million pound takeovers then commercial and business law would be a great choice. If you really want to help people then perhaps environmental or human rights law would be the best legal sectors to choose. If you have experience in admin or secretary work then obviously being a legal secretary or admin would be a really good career choice. If you have the drive, determination and work ethic to become a solicitor or barrister then go for it!

It all comes down you what you want from life. Only you can answer this question. Getting experience in several different sorts of law firm is a good idea; shadowing legal professional in a variety of roles should help you make a decision.

Breaking into the legal profession

So how can you get recruited into the legal sector? This obviously depends on the role you want.

Getting a job as an admin is obviously going to be easier than getting a training contract. It’s important to have good grades, show an interest in law, be a hard worker and have relevant work experience.

If you’re still in secondary school and thinking about a career in law getting a week or two work experience in a local firm would be perfect. Starting getting legal experience early will give you an advantage regardless of the job you want. Look at some of our articles above for guides on getting specific legal jobs.

You really do need to work on starting your career in law – especially at the moment. There are fewer jobs and people with lots of qualification & experience out of work. It’s very competitive indeed. This could mean that due to the economic climate you may have to start in a role you’re overqualified for and work your way up.

But staying tenacious and always looking at legal job websites for the latest vacancies is the best way to move forward. Don’t give up!

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