The Best Specialist Law Courses

The Best Specialist Law Courses

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learning the lawThis portion of the site is dedicated to non qualifying law degree law courses. These sorts of course are aimed at professionals who want to learn something new and increase their current skills (and promotion chances!)

They are usually in a very specific niche area and taught over a diverse time frame. They could last a few days, or a few months. It all depends on the course you’re going to do.

We will aim to look at all the different course types in this section, spanning different areas of law, different time frames, and different learning methods.

Why should you take extra law courses?

The answer to this question should be obvious. If you learn something new, which you can put to good practical use, then it’s going to be a massive advantage. This is regardless of your position in a firm or business. It’s not just for the legal sector either.

Think of the advantages a contract law course could have for someone who works in procurement. Or the advantage a criminal law course could have to someone working in law enforcement. It will help an individual either manage their company better, or demonstrate value to employers, increasing chances of promotion.

A law qualification doesn’t have to be a degree to be of value. What matters is the practical skills and knowledge gained.

There may be some pretty talented people providing these courses. Most of the time it will be a solicitor or other qualified legal specialist. However other times the courses may be run by barristers, or even ex judges. So you can really learn from the best! You don’t need to go to university to get great teaching.

We should never stop learning. Even the most experienced legal professional needs to keep up to date with new developments in the law or technology. Otherwise they risk lagging behind the competition. Sometimes standing still is the same as moving backwards.

Different types of law course

Some of the shorter courses available will be taught in seminar form over one or two days. This sort of course is really good because they don’t cost much, they don’t eat up loads of your time (some can be done over the weekend) but you still learn a good deal from them. A lot of the time you don’t need them to very long because of the very specific area they’re about.

For people who have had no experience in law at all there is also a great selection of courses available. A lot of the courses assume you know absolutely nothing about the law, and take you from there. What’s even better is that these courses are available online with e-learning resources. This means you will learn by reading documents, watching videos or listening to podcasts.

There may even be an online tutor available. The main advantage of this type of course is that you can just do an hour or two per night. You don’t need to devote an entire day to it. This type of course is classified as “distance learning”.

Generally speaking the courses you can do are split into two types. Some courses you will receive a qualification for: These courses usually require some sort of assessment at the end, usually done via exam or course work. Many of the courses on offer are accredited by the Bar Standards Board, Solicitors’ Regulation Authority or ILEX. The other types of course are information & teaching based only.

You will be able to say you’ve attended the course, but it won’t be recognised as an official qualification. But they obviously still have a lot of value in the eyes of employers.

From a business owner perspective

Keeping your employees up to date with the latest regulatory changes, or existing regulatory requirements can be a great investment. Much of the new and existing legislation can be very complicated, and penalties for not following it can be harsh.

This is where professional courses can really help; the increased familiarity with legal rules & guidelines is going to be priceless and will surely decrease the risk of incurring a fine, or worse. Discounts can often be obtained when buying in bulk. If you’re part of a charitable organisation further discounts may also be applicable.

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