5 Reasons Why you Should Study Law at University

5 Reasons Why you Should Study Law at University

Wondering which course to study at university? We’ll give you 5 good reasons to study law. Many students love their time as a law student. So why study law? Here are some of our top reasons.

1. Employers view law as a respected degree

Law isn’t a minimum requirement for a lot of jobs. Employers not in the legal sector will rarely say “you need a law degree for job x”. However employers do look favourably on law degrees because they respect the amount of effort, intellect and skill needed to complete one.

They will also be aware that you will have a range of legal knowledge that could help them. This is especially true in the following sectors:

  • General business / graduate recruitment
  • The charity sector
  • Banking
  • Accounting
  • Other financial services
  • Politics
  • Police & government

2. You need a law degree to become a solicitor or barrister

This is an obvious one. Necessity! Without studying law at university it’s going to be impossible to become a solicitor or barrister through traditional routes. Although it still may be possible as a legal executive. It will be the first step in your training, and if you realise that a job in the legal sector isn’t for you, then it’s no problem. As mentioned above a law degree is a great qualification to have. It doesn’t limit you to ONLY working in law.

3. Gives you an advantage in other legal sector jobs

A solicitor and barrister aren’t the only two jobs in the legal sector. A law degree isn’t required for roles like a paralegal, legal assistant, legal secretary or barristers’ clerk, but they will definitely help you get a job as one.

It will also provide the opportunity for advancement further ahead in your career; you may even be able to work your way up from a paralegal to a solicitor.

This is a great option for those who can’t afford the legal practice course fees after doing their LLB.

4. Amazing skills can be learned during a law degree

You can learn so many skills from law that will help you in loads of ways. This isn’t just from an employment point of view, but also in regards to your relationships with others.

You hopefully will vastly increase your ability to speak clearly and accurately. Also you will be able to read and understand vast amounts of information much better than you could previously. It’s also possible that your memory will get a nice boost too because of all the legislation and cases you need to remember!

Keeping everything well organised if of course a necessary part of studying law. Your revision needs to be planned every single week. I know that this helped me become a more more organised person in my day to day life.

5. Law interests you

This is perhaps the best reason to study law at uni; you find law interesting and even fun! If you find something fun and enjoyable that usually means you’re going to be good at it. People who go into law just for the money may not have a bright future – not enjoying the work could lead to depression.

There is an incredible amount of interesting facts I learnt during my degree. The cases in particular I found very interesting. Some were like little stories which also had key legal principles behind them. But everyone’s different, it’s hard to know for sure if an individual will enjoy the subject.

But if you find politics interesting, read legal developments in the news or have just mused over legal issues, then in all probability law will interest you.

Need some more convincing? See how much a solicitor can earn.

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