You Need to Show the Recruiter You Care

You Need to Show the Recruiter You Care

You need to show the recruiter that you care about their firm and you really want to work there. You want to make them feel like you want to work for them over and above every other firm, not that they are one of many firms you are applying to just to enable you to get a training contract.

Think of it being a bit like dating. People do not want to be asked out on a date solely because they are single and available. Instead they want to be asked on a date because there is something about them that the other person likes. They need to know that the other person cares.

The same goes for law firms. They do not want you to apply to them just because they are one of the many firms out there that are available (ie offering training contracts). Instead they want you to convince them that there is something about them that you particularly like and that is why you are interested in them.

As well as showing that you are interested in them, you also need to show that you have made an effort to impress them. If you display to them a lack of care and effort by having mistakes in your applications then that may well be the end of a very short relationship.

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