Weekly News Round Up: New Pupillage Application system, LPC in London?

by msbasi on January 13, 2013

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1 – Pupillage Gateway:

A new application system for applying for Pupillage was in high demand in recent times and consequently there is a new system which is going to be introduced. Further information can be seen in Mani’s Blog as posted, the link is: http://studyinglaw.co.uk/news-pupillage-gateway/

2 – Studying the LPC in London:

It is evident that a lot of law students are attracted to the city of London, particularly because of the vast amount of Chambers, Solicitors firms that are based in London, as well as the Inn’s of court, but additionally there are many Law Schools in London. In Mark’s Blog there is a post from Kaplan Law School detailing information on their Full Time LPC Course, the link is: http://studyinglaw.co.uk/studying-the-lpc-in-london/


3 – How to Draft a Letter for Your LPC Supervising Solicitor:

This blog post found within “Mark’s Blog”  is very useful for those on the LPC,  providing excellent tips. The link is: http://studyinglaw.co.uk/how-to-draft-a-letter-for-your-lpc-supervising-solicitor/

Find a Course:

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