Women in law

by EmilyEmily's Blog

        We may not be quite as glamorous as our movie counterparts, but myself and Billy (my chihuahua) could be likened Elle and Bruiser in some ways!       Equality for women in careers is constantly being discussed in the media. Just this week the BBC reported that the International Labour […]

Starting out

by EmilyEmily's Blog

Hi there, I’m Emily. I’m currently a first year Philosopher at Robinson College, Cambridge. After much research, I am intent on becoming a solicitor. A number of careers meetings later; after attending a ‘Law for Non-Lawyers’ Event, law lectures, speaking to as many lawyers as possible, reading Catherine Barnard’s ‘What About Law?’ and a LOT […]

Access to law: a bit about Emily

by EmilyEmily's Blog

  Think you can’t have a career in law because of your background?  First in your family to go to uni? Low income? Female? Ethnic minority? Disabled? LGBT? Non-law degree? Hi, I’m Emily!           I always thought law was reserved for those with friends in high places. If you didn’t have family, friends or connections in law, […]

Beyond an Undergraduate Law Degree: The LLM

by Aaron MarchantAllAboutLaw

The LLM So what is an LLM? An LLM is a ‘Master of Laws’ postgraduate law degree, which allows students who have studied law at undergraduate level to broaden their legal knowledge. Whereas an undergraduate degree gives a general overview of the various parts of law, an LLM allows far greater scope for specialisation within […]

Developing your commercial awareness

by Aaron MarchantAllAboutLaw

A key buzzword in any legal application process is ‘commercial awareness’. However, whilst firms are constantly looking out for commercially-aware application, showing you know what that means and how you can apply it is not always that easy. What is commercial awareness? Commercial awareness is an understanding and general knowledge of current developments in the […]

The Law Fair: Why you should check it out

by Aaron MarchantAllAboutLaw

Now that the new term is firmly under way, it’s time to start thinking about your career in law. A great place to do this is your university law fair, where you can find out all the things different firms have to offer. Something for everyone. Law fairs are essential sources of information for anyone […]

Thinking about a career in law? 5 Top Application Boosters

by Aaron MarchantAllAboutLaw

Read a good newspaper Law is an integral part of modern life and plays a huge part in current events. Simultaneously, the law has to react to major developments in the world in order to function successfully. A good lawyer must keep themselves informed about a variety of topics, from politics to finance. Law firms, therefore, are […]

Jobs Outside Law – Keeping Your Options Open

by studyinglawMark's Blog

Just because you’ve completed significant legal education doesn’t mean it’s essential that you get a job in law. It may actually be the best thing for you to actually NOT work in law. After all, we all know that academic law, and practical law are very different things. But a major hurdle is getting over […]

Applications are a second job

by PargeetPargeet's Blog

I work full time and what should be a 9-5 job ends up being much longer hours, but this is the life of a paralegal working at a silver circle firm. So making time for training contract applications and actually having a life outside of work can actually feel like they are jobs in themselves!  How do you […]

Time is ticking! Get your hands on a £2,000 bursary

by studyinglawMark's Blog

A post from TARGETcourses. For many people considering a postgraduate course, how to fund it is the main cause for concern. It can even be a deterrent. It’s a case of finding funding, applying, and waiting, (potentially lots of waiting), often only to find that you have been unsuccessful and have to repeat the process. […]