Jobs Outside Law – Keeping Your Options Open

by studyinglawMark's Blog

Just because you’ve completed significant legal education doesn’t mean it’s essential that you get a job in law. It may actually be the best thing for you to actually NOT work in law. After all, we all know that academic law, and practical law are very different things. But a major hurdle is getting over […]

Applications are a second job

by PargeetPargeet's Blog

I work full time and what should be a 9-5 job ends up being much longer hours, but this is the life of a paralegal working at a silver circle firm. So making time for training contract applications and actually having a life outside of work can actually feel like they are jobs in themselves!  How do you […]

Time is ticking! Get your hands on a £2,000 bursary

by studyinglawMark's Blog

A post from TARGETcourses. For many people considering a postgraduate course, how to fund it is the main cause for concern. It can even be a deterrent. It’s a case of finding funding, applying, and waiting, (potentially lots of waiting), often only to find that you have been unsuccessful and have to repeat the process. […]

The History of the CV

by studyinglawNews

A cool infographic from the National Careers Service. The history of the CV. Check out their site for loads of info on legal and non legal based career information.

News — BPTC BCAT fee announced

by msbasiMani Basi - Blog

As most of you will be aware, in order to be enrolled on to the BPTC course now you must successfully pass the Bar Course Aptitude Test (BCAT). Recently some of the terms and conditions of the BCAT test was announced and what has been of most concern is the fee. Therefore, the fee to take […]

You Need to Show the Recruiter You Care

by studyinglawMark's Blog

You need to show the recruiter that you care about their firm and you really want to work there. You want to make them feel like you want to work for them over and above every other firm, not that they are one of many firms you are applying to just to enable you to […]

My first trip to Lincoln’s Inn

by Mousumi ChoudhuryMousumi's Blog

Every Law student is familiar with the Inns of Court. There are four Inns of court, Lincoln’s Inn, Inner Temple, Middle Temple and Gray’s Inn. In order for one to progress their career at the bar, they have to join an Inn, it is what you call an association for Barristers. You will find these […]

Idealism…..Where has it gone?

by gregorysmithGregory's Blog

Intro This blog post shall primarily be an honest and open piece focusing on idealism but also on the sad realization of reality and the annoying moment when someone tells you NO! As a premise to this blog – I am currently writing this blog at 4.03am (insomniac), I have just watched three films (two […]

The Importance of Legal Work Experience – Post 2

by msbasiMani Basi - Blog

Following on from my last post a few weeks back, this week’s fundamental reason why work experience is important is -> To Develop New Skills <- During university many of my friends who were also law students aimed to undertake legal work experience for numerous reasons but one particular reason was just to add something […]

Legal News Roundup – LLB applicants increase & upcoming pupillage fair

by msbasiMani Basi - Blog

LLB Applications up by 5% — It has widely been reported over the last few weeks that the number of applicants who have applied to study the LLB has increased. Nevertheless, one question that comes into the minds of all is whether this is good news or bad? One positive aspect of the increase is that it is clear […]