Blog News Round-Up: CV Tips, Gaining a Job on Twitter & Get the Right Online Image:

by msbasi on December 22, 2012

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— On the 15th of December published in Mani’s Blog –  “Pre Undergraduate Law Student CV Boosting Tips:

This blog post contained a vast amount of information in relation towards developing your CV, it is aimed particularly at those who are not undergraduates but who are wishing to set themselves apart to ensure that their CV looks impressive. But also it is worth a read for any Law student. Such advice consists of how to gain work experience, what type of work experience should you try and get and also information is provided in relation towards volunteering, part time work, using your time and just generally developing skills. All tips provided are aimed to ensure that you do not only improve your CV, but also to ensure that you develop skills to back up your CV.

— On the 16th of December published in Pargeet’s Blog – “I Found a Job on Twitter”

This blog recognises the struggle for many law students who have aspirations of becoming a solicitor just like Pargeet. However, this blog post is highly positive, it certainly illustrates the power of social media and Pargeet details how she managed to secure a job through Twitter. The job was subsequently, a paralegal job which is without a doubt a great step towards achieving the all important training contract. This blog is worth a read, not only to inspire you but also to ensure you use social media in a positive way, the blog also demonstrates that there is certainly light at the end of the tunnel.

— On the 17th of December published in Mark’s Blog – “Making Sure You Have the Right Image Online”

This blog is highly interesting; the post provides a real insight to the importance of having a respectable image online, especially given how easy it is for employers to gain information about your personality through your social media websites. The blog post also provides you information on how employers can actually seek out and discover your “digital footprint”. Given the fact that nearly everyone who uses the internet may potentially have information about themselves available to the public online, a read of this blog post is highly advisable.

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