Advertising Information

Advertising Information

Update: Big jump in traffic – we’re close to receiving 7,000 page views per week. is highly flexible when it comes to advertising. We will happily work with you to create the targeted advertising campaign that you want. We genuinely will do everything it takes to make your banner advertising campaign successful.

First, a little about the site.

The site predominantly targets law students and graduates from the UK.

We are a new site. But we have grown quickly and we expect to grow even further in the future.

We aim to provide a very positive user experience by providing good website design and great information. We want users to really engage with the site so you can be sure your ads are being shown to the right target.

Exact details from Google Analytics are available on request.

There are three available slots on which an advertiser can place their ad on However we will work with advertisers if they have something particular in mind. The current ad slots are:

A 728 x 90 banner above the content of the post but below the header. There currently isn’t an ad in this position so use your imagination.

A 300 x 250 rectangle positioned at the top of the side bar above the fold.

A 300 x 250 rectangle positioned at on the side bar below the fold.

Prices and additional information available on request. Contact us!