About us


StudyingLaw.co.uk aims to provide legal educational information to everyone interested in law. Whether you’re in secondary school or have been working in the legal sector for years, it’s hoped the pages on the site will be of value to you as they tell you how to improve your legal knowledge & skills.

The site was primarily built with students in mind. But it also offers advice and information to all individuals interested in legal study. It brings together key information on legal education and (hopefully!) explains everything in a clear and straightforward way. StudyingLaw tries to give you all of the information you need either on one page, or provides you with a direct link to another one of the pages (on site), or relevant authority site (off site).

StudyingLaw guarantee to you that all information provided is based on personal experience or has been thoroughly researched although may be out of date.

Who exactly is StudyingLaw?

Mark Jackson is the owner of the site. It must be made clear that he is not a solicitor. Although he is legally educated to a university level. He also has experience working for various voluntary and private legal institutions. However he is not affiliated with any corporations, government bodies or charities. StudyingLaw is his own personal website made to provide advice and information on legal education.

If at any time a “guest post” is put on the site it will personally be read over Mr Jackson. Although the views expressed will not necessarily be his own, he will ensure the post is of a quality nature.